Oops, I did it again?

Only two posts in the whole of January! Not the best start to the year in terms of blogging, but it could have been a lot worse. At least we’ve just had a two week break, rather than a two-month break.

One of the things I struggle with a lot at the moment is routine, and the impact it has on my productivity. Or rather, the lack of a routine that has plagued me for the last few months.

Starting something – anything – is hard. Maybe not the initial beginning of whatever it is, but when it comes to continuing, it can be difficult to keep at it. Maybe you’re not seeing results as quickly as you expected, maybe you put it off in order to do something ‘more important’, maybe you just blatantly forget about it. They’re all things I struggle with.

Before Christmas I had gotten into a good exercise routine. I’m now struggling to start one up again. It’s not that I don’t want to get fit again, it’s just that I forget about it. Exercise stopped being part of my daily routine over January – not that I had much “routine” to begin with. So I made plans of what I wanted to do each day, and then just completely forgot to look at said plans on some days and did different things on others.

The same applies to most things that I try to start doing, be that healthy eating, drawing, yoga, or writing – to name but a few. Even writing in this blog – whilst I didn’t work on it every day before Christmas, I worked on it far more than I did over January. And you know what? Writing this post now after a break is hard!

I’ve got ideas of things I want to write about, but I’m struggling to get the words down. I’ve got several draft posts full of ideas and snippets of writing that just haven’t been turned into posts yet. I know for a fact that this post is pretty badly written, it’s disjointed, it doesn’t really feel like it’s flowing. But at least I’m getting the words down. If I get this first post out, the second will come easier, and the one after that even more so.

It is well known that every journey begins with a single step. Sometimes we’ve got to focus on just that one step rather than letting the enormity of the journey paralyse us with fear and stop us from even starting. We may stumble on the first step, but the second will come smoother. Focus on one day, one step, and soon you’ll do it automatically. At least, that’s what I’m hoping.


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