So We Push Through It

Sitting here on this sunny Sunday afternoon, salted caramel brownie (one of Batch Bakery’s) and coffee (from Aroamaah!) at hand, this is the best time I’m going to have to get back into the swing of this. It has not escaped my notice that just under two months ago I talked about the need to write and post more regularly, then wrote just one more blog post and vanished from the face of the earth (or at least here and most of my social media) for an embarrassingly long time.

I don’t have reasons, I have excuses. They’re not particularly good ones: I got really busy in the couple of weeks before I went on holiday, and then I was really busy during my holiday and afterwards I was stuck getting back into the swing of things and trying to find a routine and my sister came to stay and it was a heatwave and I went on day trips with friends and….

And etc.

None of these are good reasons to just stop writing. But I found myself getting into a bit of a funk, for lack of a better word. I had a wonderful time throughout most of the things I was doing, but there was lots of the day-to-day that was up in the air. So for the last 6-8 weeks I’ve been eating less healthily than I would like, not doing regular exercise, my sleep schedule has been all over the place and I have had no routine to speak of.

When my life is all over the place, it’s very hard for me to find motivation to do the things I know that I want to do. I can’t figure out why. I just spend too much time on youtube or tumblr or facebook or whatever else that allows me to procrastinate for hours.

The only way for me to get out of the rut is by force. So that’s what I’m doing. I’ve got breakfasts prepared for next week (a variation on my egg muffins), I will try to work from the office rather than from home most of the week (it’ll be murder on my bank balance but should help get time management back on track), and I have a big batch of some sort of quorn/sweet potato/smoked chilli stew that I made the other day. There’s enough to last me most evenings this week. Lunches will be hearty salads. Not the most exciting or adventures weeks for food, but I’ve not had any time to prepare and I don’t want to end up eating ready meals like I did too often last week.

I think that the best time to do things is when you have no motivation for it. Motivation is fleeting and it’s not wise to build a routine on it. If I can start doing the things I want to do now when I have no desire to do so, I’ll be a lot more likely to stick at them than if I start when I’m on a high.

So we push through it. And it’ll get better.


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