What I Want To Work On Wednesday

What is ‘What I Want To Work On Wednesday?’

A few days ago I was reading through my old blogs (there were at least two before this one) to both gain some inspiration on what to write about and, more importantly, see what my life was like a few years ago. It wasn’t long before starting this one that I last wrote in my previous blog – I started this one in November 2014, and the last post in my previous one was October 2014, although regular posting stopped around August – so I was surprised to discover that for the most part I feel like I’m reading about a completely different person. I was extremely surprised at how much I’ve changed and grown as a person over the past two years. As much as I tend to beat myself up a bit at the moment when I feel like I’m going off the rails (falling into bad food, sleep and exercise habits), ‘off the rails’ for me now is nothing like it was two years ago. I’m much better organised, much more confident, much more on top of my mental health – to name just a few things.

One thing I did do on my last blog which I think would be a good idea to start doing again here is the brilliantly named (and not at all overly wordy) “What I Want To Work On Wednesday”, where I’ll name a couple of small things I want to work on during the week ahead and check in on how the previous week’s tasks are going. This ties into my mention of accountability in my last post. It’s very easy  for me to completely lose track of time and my goals and ambitions if nothing or nobody is checking in on me or making me stop and think about how I’m doing. That’s how – just like this last month – I can suddenly stop and realise that it’s been over three weeks since I last did any consistent exercise, despite feeling like I’d just taken a day or two off.

The only reason I realised how long it’s been since I was doing consistent exercise is that my back has been hurting all week, alternating between upper and lower. I don’t want to go through life being reminded that I’m supposed to be doing something by ending up in pain! That seems a bit of a drastic overreaction.

So What I Want To Work On Wednesday, which will most likely be known as ‘WIWTWO Wednesday’ from here on to save me having to type that out every time. Who knows, we could end up smushing the words even further and creating ‘WIW2’, but that seems a little extreme for in the very first post. I’ll wait to see how often I remember to actually do these posts. One of my biggest challenges is going to be not setting myself up to fail. There’s no point in saying that my goal is 5 intense workouts this week when I’ve done no exercise for a month. Or write 10k words of a story when I’ve written no fiction in a year etc… These have to be sensible goals that make me push myself out of my current ways, but don’t make me want to run screaming in the opposite direction.

Without further ado, for the following week I want to work on:

  1. Mornings
  2. Do more exercise
  3. Finance planning
  4. Blogging

Blogging is probably pretty self-explanatory – as I said in my last post it’s been a long time since I wrote in here regularly, and I want to change that. I enjoy this, I want to keep a project going, be consistent and accountable and improve my writing. In order to do that, I need to make blogging more of a regular habit than something I just think about doing every once in a while. It would be better for me to write a little each day (even if I don’t post what I write straight away) rather than leaving everything to one go and feeling overwhelmed. Little and often, that’s what I want to do.

Finance planning is going to be more of a one-off activity. I spent a lot more this month than I wanted to, because I’ve bought several big purchases that I’ve had to pay for now but won’t actually use/do (holidays, classes, theatre tickets) until over the next few months. I’m not entirely sure how much I’ve spent (other than too much), and so it’s making me antsy – I know that I’m not in any financial difficulty, and I’ll just have to transfer a bit out of my savings and make sure to limit the larger purchases over the next few months (since I’ve technically already made them), but I’d feel a lot better if I can look and understand exactly what I’ve spent, where I’ve spent it and what money I can expect in/out over the next few months. This will also let me better plan my savings over the next few months.

As stated earlier in this post, it’s been a long time since I did consistent exercise and my body is definitely not thanking me for it. For that reason one of the most important goals this week is to do more exercise. Note that, unlike I’ve written in my planner every week for the past month, I’ve not said “do week x of T25”, I’ve just said “do more”. The reason for this is simple – I don’t want to set myself up to fail. It would be fantastic if I completed a whole week of T25 again, but going from nothing to 6 workouts in one week is a big ask. At this stage, it would be good if I did two sessions a week. More would make me happier, but this is about working on things, not perfecting them instantly.

Finally, work on mornings means to do more of what I’ve already started over the last week or so – trying to get up between 6:30 and 7, eating breakfast at the hotel and getting an earlier tram to work. It’s less that I want to get to work earlier (this gets me in around 8:40 rather than 9:05), but I prefer the journey when the trams are less busy and there’s a chance I can get a seat – or at least enough space to hold a book whilst standing up! More importantly, breakfast is included in the room rate of where I’m currently staying and I should take advantage of that – spending £1.65 a day on breakfast might not sound much, but that’s still over £25 per month on breakfasts 4 days per week. That’s £300/year I could save by getting up early enough to eat at the hotel – which has a better selection of food than at the office too. Besides, I only end up going to bed marginally earlier than I was when I was getting up at 7:55 and rushing to get ready and get the tram at 8:30. The few times I’ve now given myself over an hour in the morning to get up, ready, eat, sometimes even have a read, have made my days feel much better. I don’t start the day in a rush or a panic, and I’ve had some extra time to myself to do the things I want to do. Eventually I’d like to get up around 6 and fit my exercise in in the morning before work, but baby steps. 7am to eat breakfast is a good start!

So those are the four things I would like to work on improving this week – my mornings, finance planning, doing more exercising and blogging. What are yours?

**Photo credit Zachary Staines, Creative Commons CCO License**