What I Want To Work On Wednesday

I think the main thing ‘What I Want To Work On Wednesday’s have taught me this week is how fast time can seem to move. Whilst some part of me feels that this week has moved at a decent pace and I got things done, I also can’t believe I’m writing this WIW2W post already. It feels far too soon.

Which, I suppose, is one of the reasons why I started doing this in the first place. To stop time whizzing by so quickly without taking advantage of it to its fullest. To ensure that I don’t check in a month down the line and say, oops – I’ve not really done anything.

So how did I do with this past week’s tasks?

Mornings – Pretty well. I’ve been getting up between 6:45 and 7 during the weekdays in Edinburgh so that I can go down to the hotel restaurant and eat breakfast before leaving for work, plus getting the tram 20 minutes earlier than I used to which means it’s 1) less crowded and 2) I’m more likely to get a seat. Getting in at 8:40 means I have a good 20 minutes to faff around getting a cup of tea, getting myself set up etc. without having to worry that I’m going to have to rush to get to a meeting on time. Plus, eating at the hotel is encouraging me to eat healthier breakfasts. Whilst they do serve a large selection of cakes, I’ve yet to touch them. I’m mainly sticking to egg-based dishes and fruit salad. If I ate breakfast at the office I’d be too tempted by the haggis and sausage rolls.

At the weekends I haven’t been getting up quite so early, but I have continued to wake early. Sunday I had a ‘lie-in’ until 8, went and made breakfast and got back into bed to eat it and have a read. When I finally got up at 10 I felt like I’d had a very indulgent morning, and yet still had plenty of time to get up and do all the things I wanted to do! Compared to past weekends where I might have woken up at 10 and felt like I’d already wasted the day, this was much better. I plan to keep this up.

Finances – This one I fell down on. I haven’t done it yet.

Do more exercise – This has also been a success! Since last Wednesday I have done 3 sessions of T25 beta phase, plus a decent length walk on Saturday. All three sessions of T25 were pretty intense – because it had been a while since I’d done it consistently, I felt so sore the day after the first session (hence why I’ve not done them on consecutive days like the calendar says – I’d have completed a week by now rather than three days’ worth), but the next two went pretty well. I’m not as fit as I was a month ago, but I didn’t lose as much as I feared. I’ve started using my new heart rate monitor to keep an eye on how I’m doing, whether I’m pushing myself enough or not. At the moment it seems like I’m definitely putting the effort in – my heart rate was around 90% it’s max at some points during the second session!

Blogging – So far so good. Two posts up, next posts started to be worked on. OK, this is a lie. I was so hoping for it to be true but I ended up a day off – I did get one post up, and I got the next written. Despite this however I did not get it posted on schedule – it came a day late (with me changing the date on the post so that no one noticed the first WIW2W occurring on a Thursday). There isn’t really any excuse other than I was really tired the night I was supposed to post and so never got round to it. I did get some more writing done after that, but I’m not yet as ahead as I’d like to be.

What I want to work on this next week:

  1. Finances
  2. Do more exercise
  3. Go to bed earlier
  4. Healthier snacks

Finances is a pretty obvious one – it was my goal to do this last week but I never got round to it. It is a task that I need to get done very soon, so I’m going to make sure to do it this week. Finance planning will definitely make me feel better and more in control about my savings and spending – I don’t think I’m massively overspending (in general, not counting the larger purchases I made this month), but I’d rather be aware of what I’m doing. Plus I need to pay off a holiday so I need to know how much to withdraw from my savings.

Do more exercise is a continuation of last week. I think I did pretty well – as in, I did some exercise, compared to the past month where I’ve done very little – but one week does not an exercise habit make. I need to continue to keep this a focus for a little while until it starts feeling more natural to just get it done.

Going to bed earlier is to complement my morning routines task last week – it’s much easier to get up earlier if I’m going to bed earlier too! This also, obviously, prevents me from getting overtired and should make the entirety of my day better. It’s just so hard to do!

Finally I want to try eating healthier snacks. At work it is so easy to go to Starbucks when I’m feeling a bit peckish and get a sugary, milky coffee or a cake. There’s also a Benugo, which contains more cake, and a Tescos, complete with 1) bakery (so more cake), and 2) a brand new Krispy Kreme doughnut counter. I can have a pretty healthy day be completely derailed by 600+ calories worth of sugar being consumed because I fancied a snack mid-afternoon. Once you are on the sugary snacks it’s much harder to resist the next time a craving hits, even if you’re consciously telling yourself that you’re going to go get a piece of fruit. You never walk back to the desk with fruit. You walk back with “oops”. So I want to stop my snacks from messing up what are otherwise mostly OK days, bar the odd extra burger here and there. I don’t want to crave sugar so much; I need to drink fewer macchiatos.

**Photo credit Green Chameleon, Creative Commons CCO License**