Phones and Photos

I broke the camera on my phone a few months ago.

Or rather, a few months ago the camera on my phone stopped working. I think it was dropped one too many times, but whilst it still shows an image the focus mechanism vibrates every time you switch it on and as a result you only get blurry images.

I didn’t realise quite how much that would affect what I’m doing here. I was enjoying taking pictures to illustrate my posts and demonstrate whatever aspects of my life I was talking about, and I was also really enjoying learning more about photography and editing and improving the quality of my photos as time went on – as you can clearly see if you go back through my pictures here or on my instagram. Photography was fairly new to me – still is – and it’s frustrating that I haven’t been able to keep it going, keep learning and improving.

It means that I’ve used stock photos to brighten up the last couple of posts, and that makes my blog feel less authentic to me – the words are all mine, I’m talking about my life, so I don’t want generic pictures to go with that. I want you to see what I’m seeing.

Thinking of getting a new phone soon. Fixing the camera would probably cost about £70 anyway, and there are other problems with mine that I would like to resolve. Until then, I should continue working on this anyway, because there’s no need for photos if I can’t produce and improve the written content that is going up here. I’ve mentioned several times before about a want of perfectionism and how that can cause me not to post anything, even though I know that to improve takes time and practice and producing a lot of content.

I feel like I’m starting to appreciate that though. It might take time, but we’ll get there.

And hopefully have a nice shiny new camera to go with it.