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100 Days of Healthy – Introduction

Issa Mee

From today, Tuesday 20th September 2016 (clearly not the date the above photo was taken), there are 103 days until January 1st.

I’ve been thinking recently about  how much I feel I’ve let myself go and got into bad, unhealthy habits. Yes, I’ve been walking more recently, but I don’t really have a good consistent exercise habit, and my food habits have become appalling. I’ve not gained weight noticeably on the scales – except I’m nearly half a stone heavier than I was this time last year and I’ve not lost anything in months at all and actually the scales say my average weight is slowly creeping up – not by much, but it’s moving up – but I’ve noticeably gained some weight on my face and my arms feel softer and bigger etc.

Just as I was thinking about this I saw that John Green is going to start a 100 days thing ( in which he and a friend see what it’s really like to live healthily for 100 days. The longest I’ve ever gone is a month, and I felt pretty good after that – at the moment I can hardly stick to half a day. I keep saying I’ll do this or that and then instantly not doing it.

I thought it would be an interesting challenge to see if I could also do the same thing, and then googled to see how many days there are in the rest of this year. There were 108 at the time. So I thought, instead of leaving it to the new year, why don’t I get it done now. New Year’s Resolutions are great but there’s no need for me to wait for another third of a year to start something if I really want to get it done.

So I’m not going to wait. On Friday 23rd September, I will start 100 days of healthy living, with the hope that giving it that much focus for such a long length of time will serve to ingrain some of the practices in my life. I don’t want to have to work hard at this. I want it to become natural – a habit, if you will. As my planner quotes this week – “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit”. I’m hoping to repeatedly live more healthily so that I do become more healthy. Strange, that!

And to keep me accountable, and also to help anyone else figure out what works and what doesn’t, I plan to document these 100 days of healthy living. The main way I plan to do this will be here on this blog, but I plan to post on my Instagram and probably whine a bit on my Tumblr too. There won’t be daily updates here, but they’ll be a lot more frequent than they currently are!

I’m feeling determined but a bit apprehensive, and I can’t wait to get started. Hope to see you there with me.