Ah, life.

Ah life, why must it happen to all of us.

You might have noticed that some time has passed between my last post (in which I talk about how I will provide updates here on how my 100 days of healthy is going) and this one. Not as much time as has passed between previous posts, but still we are approaching a good four weeks without a single update here on how everything is going.

The reason for that is two-fold, although perhaps they can be considered the same thing. The first being that I started a new project at work, and the second is that I completely lost sight of how to manage my time well.

The new project at work is still out of town, however rather than flying up to Edinburgh each week I will now get the train up to Birmingham – a shorter commute that means I can get up slightly later on a Monday and get home earlier on a Thursday. But it’s a much busier project, and the last three weeks (the first few of this project) have been a bit manic. I had one day to get to grips with the workstream I now own before the previous owner left, and I spent the first two weeks trying to put everything into some semblance of order and trying not to break down.

I’m one of the people working the fewest hours at the moment, and I get there before 9 and leave close to 7. I know this is normal for some, but the end of my last project was so quiet that I was doing a 9-5 with little to do for the last few weeks of it. Having a busy 9-7 is a very different thing, especially when you’re trying to get your head around completely new things with tight deadlines that are coming up very soon. It was stressful.

Some weeks I managed to keep on track of my healthy living amidst this new level of stress and busyness, some weeks I did not. But I definitely didn’t manage my time well. I just didn’t see when I could get any writing done, particularly since I had a few busy weekends too.

But this is really just a bad excuse. I can get on top of this kind of work schedule, and have done in the past -I used to commute to and from Havant every day, which was about 2 hours door-to-door from home to office. I would leave the house before 7 and get back shortly after 7, and I was very good at packing a lot into the four hours I had before going to bed! I’d do my own cooking, get some exercise done, and I also did a fair bit of writing. I had my routine down.

My focus the last few weeks though seems to have been relaxing and resenting the lack of time I have to do the things I want to do, rather than actually getting on and doing them. So some evenings I’ll have got to my hotel room, ordered room service, watched some youtube, and then just remained browsing the internet until it was time to go to bed. I’ll complain that I don’t feel like I had enough time to get enough done, and wish for the weekend to begin.

If I was a bit more strict with myself and my routine, I’d fit plenty into that time. I don’t even have to do my own cooking!

But I’m digressing from what I really wanted to talk about, which is a bit of an update on how this 100 days of healthy is going.

To be honest, it’s not great. There’s definitely been some improvements, and the first week I was fantastic – vegetables definitely have a greater presence in my diet than they used to, and I was doing my exercise and yoga and etc., but the change at work has definitely messed a few things up. The first week on the new project was a complete bust – I was stressed and exhausted and not in a very nice hotel about half an hour from the office just off the motorway. I just ordered comfort food, and I had no desire to do any sort of movement. Lunches weren’t too bad, but I probably wasn’t getting to bed on time either.

The next week was a bit better – I couldn’t do the weights routine I had started whilst still in Edinburgh because the hotel gym was atrocious, but I did some pilates and T25 in my room, as well as some yoga, and discovered that there were at least three healthy meals on the hotel room service menu that I helped myself to. So my food was quite good, I got my exercise in, what didn’t happen was the correct bedtime or the meditation.

Then last week just got worse – discovered that my biggest temptation will be the chicken, bacon and avocado baguettes from the local sandwich shop, and dinners were a burger one night, and a giant bowl of gnocchi the other two nights. Dessert also played a part on the first two nights. I ate so much last Tuesday that I still felt sick at midnight. And I didn’t do any exercise Mon-Wed. It wasn’t great.

Weekends haven’t been too bad though. I did a large amount of cooking last weekend so I have healthy meals in the freezer, and I’ve been getting some exercise in – decided to start going to Zumba on Thursday nights which is great fun, if a bit exhausting after a long day (it’s on from 8-9). Also tend to get a fair amount of walking in over the weekend if I don’t manage to do anything else.

Look at the bags under those eyes. That’s what I was like pre-Thursday evening Zumba the week before last. I wasn’t kidding when I said work was stressful and exhausting!

But I feel like I’m not doing this 100 days of healthy plan properly, and I need to throw myself back into it full-swing. Now that I feel I’ve got on top of my work and know what I need to do, I shouldn’t feel as stressed of an evening which should make good choices easier. I haven’t slept well at all this last week so I absolutely need to force myself to get back on plan with my sleep schedule or I’m going to go spiralling off in the wrong direction.

And then at some point I need to decide on a schedule for writing updates in my blog. I’ve managed to keep tumblr and instagram going fairly frequently, but they’re a lot quicker to do. Schedules seem to be what I need at the moment – if I don’t have a plan for exactly when I’m going to do something, it seems like it doesn’t get done because I can always do it later.

In fact, I still need to put my stats etc. down here at some point so I can compare me now with me in January. Not going to do that today because I’m in the early days of my period and so I’ll be heavier and more bloated anyway, but I’ll do it next week. There’s still about 70 days left for me to make a big change before the New Year. I’m not going to write this off as a failure because the first 20-odd didn’t go exactly to plan.

But I am going to go get a toffee apple hot chocolate later. It’s very Autumn-y outside and I’m reading a romance novel. It’s just something that I need this afternoon.