Day 37: Stats

Ok. Measurements. Let’s do this.

I can tell you one thing already though – I’m not going to be happy.

Stepped on the scales this morning for the first time in about three weeks, and I was up higher than I’ve been in a long time: 155.4 lbs.

Now, given that I thought I was around 150, you might not think that’s bad. And it’s not! Plenty of people see their weight fluctuating easily by 5 lbs depending on what they’ve eaten, hormones/time of month, time of day etc. However, I am not one of those people. Or at least, I was keeping track of how my weight was fluctuating – previously, if I was on a run of having been pretty healthy, got enough sleep etc, I’d be about 148 first thing in the morning. If I was on my period, it’d reach a high of 153. Usually was around 150-151. So for it to be at 155 when I’m not on my period, it’s a warning signal.

It’s saying “what were you expecting, that four days of burgers in a row followed by giant plates of gnocchi and desserts weren’t going to do anything? They’re hardly healthy eating!” that I kind of let my eating get away from me a bit. My occasional treats weren’t so occasional, and I started to see fewer and fewer vegetables in my diet. I know I wasn’t planning on letting weight be the only factor I was looking at over this 100 days (30 of which I’ve wasted by not really doing what I was planning on doing), but as I’ve exercised less and less as the weeks have gone on too, I know that I haven’t just suddenly gained muscle mass.

Now there’s obviously still a chance that I’m bloated for some reason today. It could be lower tomorrow. But I still think my average is higher than it was at the start of this challenge. So let’s have a look at measurements to get a proper view on things.

As it stands, today on the 29th October 2016 (late afternoon), I am the following size (all in cm):

Neck – 30.5
Upper arm R – 31
Upper arm L – 29.5
Lower arm R – 25.5
Lower arm L – 25
Above bust – 85
Bust – 88
Below bust – 82
Waist – 74.5
Belly – 90
Hips – 107
Thigh L – 65.5
Thigh R – 62.5
Calf L – 39.5
Calf R – 39

When I took my measurements nearly a month ago at the start of this 100 days of healthy, almost every single one of those numbers was lower. Some considerably. So yes, I’ve definitely gained weight.

And here’s a terrible pic of me this evening wearing not-black (and slightly clashing) leggings as they’re less slimming and more honest. Hmm. Let’s hope I see some changes over the next two months.

And by changes I mean I’d like to be leaner. Look at those arms. Not an ounce of definition there.

What else?

Well my skin hasn’t been too happy with me recently. Face has been breaking out, and the spots are turning very quickly into scabs that aren’t healing quickly. The acne I’ve had in my life isn’t the ‘traditional’ squeezable spots kind, but more like the skin gets inflamed, and then forms a scab/wound, and I’ve always taken forever to heal from cuts and scrapes. I had scabs from falling over when I was younger for so long that I forgot where they came from – a scratch could show on my skin for three months easily. Thankfully the timelines have reduced a fair amount for my face, especially since I’m in my mid-twenties, but it’s still worse than I’d like. I really want to know whether this will improve if I get a better grip on my nutrition.

I’ve also had a lot of trouble with my sleep schedule. Part of this has been my own fault, not being sensible and going to bed when I know I’m tired and it’s getting late etc. but part of it also has been my energy levels – I just haven’t been able to get up in the mornings like I used to. This has got so bad that I’ve started missing breakfasts in the hotel again, sleeping in and having to run out quickly and get breakfast once I’m in the office, despite not needing to leave the hotel until around 8:45!

And to top it all off, I’ve started noticing my back aching more than usual. It feels weaker, and whilst I’ve got used to a dull ache arising every now and then if I’m not moving enough, today I worryingly noticed a sharp pain when I bent down. I’ve not had that in over a year. I think this might be because not only has my number of workouts per week dropped, but my average steps per day has dropped drastically from what it was over the summer (when it was 11k four days per week and 15 two days per week). Now I’m lucky if I get 5000, since I tend to just walk to and from the office and the furthest place I go during the day is the coffee shop that’s 3 minutes walk away.

Essentially, I didn’t adapt to change very well. My routine was changed with the change in project, and whilst I’ve now been there a month, I haven’t settled into good habits yet. But better late than never, I definitely feel like now is the time to get back on track. I mean, I found the first couple of weeks so stressful that you can watch my job progression in my average heart rate for the last few weeks –

The trough at the start is the weekend before I started my new project, then it jumps week after week (with an extra high when my sister was staying with me and I was also taking 3 classes and getting used to my new week routine), before starting to decline in recent days.

So for the past month I’ve been stressed, fighting a cold, fairly chronically sleep deprived due to messing up my sleep schedule (don’t think I’ve managed a 10:30/7 routine even once), doing not only less intense exercise but less movement in general (i.e. walking), and eating more comfort food. Is it any wonder that I’ve been feeling crappier, have gained weight and am noticing more pain – both the back pain and jaw tension? I think not.

I don’t want this to get any worse. It’s still October. There are still 63 days until the end of this challenge. That’s 9 weeks, over two months (just). There’s still plenty of time to make a difference – after all, in Feb 2015 I managed to lose 6lbs in 4 weeks! Nine weeks should definitely be enough time to build some healthier habits, or at least break the bad ones. Besides which, making an effort to do better for these next nine weeks is a much more sensible option than giving up and waiting until New Year to try again. Something is always better than nothing!

I start staying at a new hotel next week, apparently with a good gym (and pool if I pluck up the courage!). And this morning I was forced to get up before 7:30 due to a dentists appointment I’d scheduled for 8am. Think it’s a good time for a fresh start.

**Photo credit Peter Belch, Creative Commons CCO License**