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    Ah, life.

    Ah life, why must it happen to all of us. You might have noticed that some time has passed between my last post (in which I talk about how I will provide updates here on how my 100 days of healthy is going) and this one. Not as much time as has passed between previous posts, but still we are approaching a good four weeks without a single update here on how everything is going. The reason for that is two-fold, although perhaps they can be considered the same thing. The first being that I started a new project at work, and the second is that I completely lost sight…

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    100 Days of Healthy – Introduction

    From today, Tuesday 20th September 2016 (clearly not the date the above photo was taken), there are 103 days until January 1st. I’ve been thinking recently about  how much I feel I’ve let myself go and got into bad, unhealthy habits. Yes, I’ve been walking more recently, but I don’t really have a good consistent exercise habit, and my food habits have become appalling. I’ve not gained weight noticeably on the scales – except I’m nearly half a stone heavier than I was this time last year and I’ve not lost anything in months at all and actually the scales say my average weight is slowly creeping up – not by…

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    Healthy Kale and Quinoa Salad

    Inspired by the myriad salad bowls I’ve seen on various food blogs and tumblr over the years, I decided to see if I could turn my leftovers this week into one of my own. I’m the sort of person who  collects grains, seeds and nuts in the cupboards like they’re going out of fashion. It’s not that I buy them all the time, more that I use half a packet of one thing and then move onto something completely different, and then I’ll go off grains (and pseudo-grains) for a good long while and nothing will get used at all.

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    Vegan Cheesy Broccoli Soup

    Sometimes the best way to get rid of the old is to create something new, and that’s exactly what happened when I first made this vegan cheesy broccoli soup. I’d bought a box of vegetables just over a week earlier, and my original plans for the purple sprouting broccoli had gone awry – mainly due to my own laziness. It was starting to look a little cheerless, if not downright despondent, so I decided to play around with some things I’d heard about vegan ‘cheesy-ness’ substitutes and chuck it into a soup.